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Feb. 9th, 2015 08:46 pm
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I C  C O N T A C T
It's Mikoto. Leave a message.
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4got trainrz b-day!!!111
wat do?!!!!

[ Yes, sadly, that's all you get. Mikoto's unfortunately left his Gear within reach of his pokemon, sadly. This time around, it's his more panicky espurr that's gotten a hold of it. Somehow, she heard that his trainer's birthday was soon and decided that it would be better to ask the network what to do.

Thankfully for her, her panic is a day early. ]
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[ Sometime in the afternoon, an unsigned (or at least as unsigned as possible) message goes up on the network with an attachment. ]

anyone wanna date this guy?


[ It was worth a try. ]

[ ooc: responses will come from either Bandou or Mikoto.
Art credit: Lauren/Bandou-mun]

001. video

Feb. 9th, 2015 02:28 pm
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[ There's a slight grunt as the video comes on, the camera jostling this way and that as its owner tries to regain control of his Gear. When things finally settle down, Suoh is seen lying down on what looks to be a rooftop as he reaches over to a small fat thing that's clambering all over him.

What he picks up turns out to be a litleo which he's holding by the scruff of its neck. The pokemon wiggles, its paws flailing about until it sighs in resignation and droops, allowing Suoh to put it on his chest. But the pokemon refuses to settle down. Instead, he's taken to playing with his necklace, batting it with his paws.]

Oi. Knock it off.

[ Despite the complaint in his voice, Suoh is patient as the litleo crawls around him, finally settling down and stopping with the incessant batting. There's only a momentary sigh of resignation even as the pokemon falls asleep. Without disturbing the creature, Suoh just decides to fold an arm behind his head and hold the Gear up better to give everyone a better view of the sleeping pokemon. ]

Anyone lose this guy? I saw him in town and he just started following me around.


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